Newsletter, 17.04.2018
r4d programme Mid-term Review Report published
The Mid-term Review report and the management response of the r4d Steering Committee are published and now available online. The Mid-term Review provides interesting insights for funders and researchers into the specifics, the challenges and the opportunities of the r4d programme.
SAVE THE DATES: r4d programme synthesis information events
Getting involved in the synthesis processes of the r4d programme means learning beyond individual projects. Two online information events take place on 17 and 18 May 2018.
SNSF Open Data Policy in the r4d programme
The SNSF reinforces its Open Science Policy with a clear push towards full Open Access of all publications until 2020 and the introduction of an Open Data Policy for all SNSF-funded projects. Key points that the r4d projects should know.
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