The r4d programme regularly organises and hosts events. It uses distinct event formats for dialogue, debate and learning: r4d Forum / r4d Science Fair, r4d Lunch / Open Debate, r4d Conference and r4d Skills.

The r4d Forum / r4d Science Fair is a series of events to stimulate exchange, discussion and debate among r4d researchers, representatives from policy and practice, stakeholders, Review Panel members an​d​ funders on contemporary research for development.

The r4d Lunch / Open Debate is a series of exchange events to connect r4d researchers with stakeholders on a specific topic to increase awareness of research findings and uptake by relevant users.

The r4d Conferences offer platforms to present, discuss and debate research results generated by the projects of the r4d programme​ with international renowned experts and leaders in the respective fields.​

The r4d Skills is a series of learning events among r4d researchers actively dealing with and being exposed to the challenges of inter- and transdisciplinary research for development carried out in transnational research partnerships. They take place sporadically.

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