The main goals of the r4d programme are the generation of new knowledge and the application of research results that contribute to solving global problems and securing public goods in poor countries within the framework of global sustainable development. The implementation of the research results into policy and practice and concomitant communication activities are of high significance and are considered as an integral part of the research activities. The r4d programme informs its targets groups about the findings/output of projects, outcomes and the overall scientific results that are relevant to development. Furthermore, the r4d aims to be visible to its main target groups at home and abroad but also to interact and inform a broad audience and society at large.

A large number of publications emerge from the r4d programme ranging from scientific articles, books to policy briefs, video-clips and films. Many of these can be downloaded on the Publication page. Visit also the Knowledge for Development portal, where a articles and videos produced by the r4d programme are published.

The r4d programme initiated a synthesis process aimed at maximising the impact of the programme’s results and at contributing to global debates with a focus on the reduction of poverty and global risks. The r4d programme synthesis is a participative reflexion, exchange and learning process, that translates the experiences of all involved stakeholders into new knowledge. The r4d programme and the thematic modules conclude with synthesis products targeted at various communities in science, policy, practice and civil society. To learn more about the r4d synthesis work, visit the synthesis page.