First r4d projects in Social Conflicts and thematically open module funded

First funding decisions were made in the r4d programme. Three projects of the thematic module Social Conflicts and eleven projects in the thematically open module receive grants.

​The SDC-SNSF research programme for the solution of global problems in poor countries (r4d programme), with a total budget of CHF 96.6 million, issued three calls for proposals last year. The first funding decisions for two modules have now been made. They are based on the recommendations of two different review panels, which are responsible for evaluating the projects and supporting the two modules. In a two-stage procedure and based on external reviews from researchers and practitioners around the world, the panels evaluated a total of 22 pre-proposals in the module Social Conflicts and 59 pre-proposals in the thematically open module. The pre-proposals were evaluated in terms of their scientific quality and relevance for development.

Seven project consortia in the module Social Conflicts and 22 project consortia in the thematically open module were invited to submit a proposal. The proposals were evaluated according to the same principles.

The Presiding Board of the National Research Council approved the recommendations of the review panel on 14 August (open call) and on 3 September (Social Conflicts) respectively. A total of CHF 8.2 million has been made available for the three approved projects of the Social Conflicts module, while the eleven approved projects in the thematically open call will receive total funding of CHF 5.1 million.