11 new projects presented at kick-off meeting in Bern

The 11 projects of the third thematically open call came together to present their research objectives during a lively kick-off meeting in Bern, Switzerland.

​The kick-off meeting of the third thematically open call took place on 9 October 2018. It sought to connect the project team members of the 11 projects being funded in the third thematically open call and to establish an opportunity for them to engage in dialogue regarding their running or prospective r4d projects.

Each project team was asked to briefly present their project by addressing the following questions: 1) Who is part of the project team and which countries are involved in the project? 2) What is the project's main aim? 3) How does the project relate to the Sustainable Development Goals? Following the presentation, there was room for questions. Further fruitful exchange took place during the subsequent networking lunch.

By providing insights into all of the 11 projects of the third thematically open call and by bringing the project teams together for collaborations that transcend project borders, the event was a great success.

We wish all project team members and their collaborators a successful project launch.