r4d Skills Mixed Methods Research

Many r4d projects apply mixed methods research approaches, which is challenging as well as rewarding in terms of interdisciplinary collaboration and research innovation. The workshop provided room for critical reflection and advanced learning. This website collates key messages in form of three videos as well as the material compiled by Professor Alicia O'Cathain.

Start28.10.2016 06:45
End28.10.2016 14:30
VenueSwiss National Science Foundation, Plenary Room 21, Wildhainweg 21, Bern, Switzerland
Registration deadline28.10.2016

The r4d programme invited project leaders, project coordinators and PhD students to a stimulating workshop on mixed methods research. The workshop was designed and facilitated by Alicia O'Cathain External Link Icon, Professor of Health Service Research, University of Sheffield, UK. Alicia O'Cathain published widely on mixed methods, mixed teams and randomised control trials.

The r4d Skills Mixed Methods Research was structured in three sessions, following the material provided by Alicia O'Cathain:

Small group interactions to exchange on integration of data and findings, and to assess quality of a study as well as feedback and discussion on all sessions contributed to a stimulating workshop day.

The material provided here can be used in any place and at any time for constructive reflections and methodological discussions in research teams confronted with the challenges of mix method research.

Short videos by Alicia O'Cathain, recorded and realised by Rémi Willemin External Link Icon: External Link Icon

Integration of findings with the Triangulation ProtocolExternal Link Icon

How to report a mixed methods study with GRAMMSExternal Link Icon

Meta-Inferences, the whole being greater than the sum of the partsExternal Link Icon