r4d and SOR4D programme management: Handover to new team

In February 2022, the new Solution-oriented Research for Development programme was launched. The r4d programme officially ends in December 2022. In this transition period a new dedicated management team at SNSF is taking over.

​​​​​​Since 2012 the SNSF has been implementing the r4d programme, a joint research funding initiative by SDC and SNSF.  The r4d programme funded 57 research projects and 13 Transformation Accelerating Grants. More than 300 grantees have been working with their research groups in more than 50 countries. Six Review Panels with around 50 experts as well as members of the National Research Council have been evaluating and monitoring the progress made in research for development projects. The r4d Steering Committee, composed of 3 members each from SDC and SNSF, provided strategic guidance and decision-making.

​The r4d programme management at SNSF was in charge of implementing this burgeoning programme. Continuation for research funding for development is now secured with the new Solution-oriented Research for Development Programme which is also managed by the SNSF.

As of April 2022, a new management team takes over the responsibility for the r4d programme and the SOR4D programme. Claudia Rutte, Claudia Zingerli and Jacqueline Hänni fully hand over to David Svarin, Anne Jores and Marie-Jeanne Khiari.

Stephanie Hoppeler and Annemarie Rennier remain the contact points for projects from the thematically open module of the r4d programme.  ​