SNSF Open Data Policy in the r4d programme

The SNSF reinforces its Open Science Policy with a clear push towards full Open Access of all publications until 2020 and the introduction of an Open Data Policy for all SNSF-funded projects. Key points that the r4d projects should know.

​The Open Research Data policy of the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) is being implemented in its funding instruments since October 2017. In March 2018, the Programmes Division of the SNSF decided to introduce the Open Research Data policy also in the r4d programme.

The SNSF writes: "The SNSF values research data sharing as a fundamental contribution to the impact, transparency and reproducibility of scientific research. In addition to being carefully curated and stored, the SNSF believes research data should be shared as openly as possible. The SNSF therefore expects all its funded researchers:

  • to store the research data they have worked on and produced during the course of their research work,
  • to share these data with other researchers, unless they are bound by legal, ethical, copyright, confidentiality or other clauses, and
  • to deposit their data and metadata onto existing public repositories in formats that anyone can find, access and reuse without restriction.

Research data is collected, observed or generated factual material that is commonly accepted in the scientific community as necessary to document and validate research findings."

For all thematic r4d research projects that upload data on an open and non-commercial repository, costs for data preparation and upload of up to CHF 10'000 per project can be applied for as supplementary grants. Projects are asked to submit a Data Management Plan to be published on P3, the public SNSF Database, and to share published data in an open repository. Data that are subject to legal, ethical, copyright, confidentiality or other constraints do not need to be shared in an open repository, however, the Data Management Plan shall state this clearly.

Guidlines for how to prepare a Data Management Plan can be found on SNSF Open Research Data External Link Icon.

The r4d programme introduces the Open Research Data Policy ex post in the thematic modules of the r4d programme. It is prepared for flexibility in the implementation of the new policy.

The Guide for Transboundary Research Partnerships External Link Iconof the Swiss Commission for Research Partnerships with Developing Countries (KFPE) provides important guidance for the r4d projects. Principle 7 is dedicated to Sharing Data and Networks.